Gender equality

For AISA International NGO, equality prefigures a society where men and women will be free and responsible, that is to say equal in rights and duties.

We aspire to a society where women can have full access to the management and decisions of the city. How is it that the highest positions are very often inaccessible to them? The real power is found in the complementarity of the genres and not in the balance of power between them. To fly, a bird needs both wings!

The woman must be invited to take her place in this complementarity, but not to ape that of the man. Recent studies have shown that in peace negotiations, the presence of women leads more easily to finding acceptable solutions.

Everyone must go beyond the standards in force and the caricatural clichés to move towards the balance of being, a sine qua non condition for creating a more harmonious society. We believe that it is through the values carried by the feminine that the world will be able to progress towards the best.

gender equality

All over the world, women and men hold out the hope that gender equality will finally see the light of day.

Stereotypes of feminine-masculine opposition are still too often anchored in the collective imagination, despite a notable evolution of mentalities.

They express a fragmentary representation of the woman reduced to her only external appearances, thus creating a denial of her real nature, source of imbalance of her being, and beyond society as a whole and leading to a sterile opposition of genders.

Taking into account the different views of humanity on the feminine and the return to consciousness of the original unity of genders, AISA International NGO organized a congress in order to contribute to the reconciliation between feminine and masculine.

In accordance with the 18th recommendation of the Centenary of the Alâwiyya Sufi Path “ Promoting and encouraging reflection on the creation of an international women’s movement, the driving force behind the Islam of tomorrow ”, the first International Women’s Congress for a Culture of Peace “Voice to Women”, was born.

Trailer: Islam – Women’s Voices

This congress took place from October 27 to 31, 2014 in Oran and Mostaganem (Algeria). More than 3200 people participated in this meeting.

Speakers and speakers of renown were able to deconstruct the stereotypes of the feminine-masculine by cross-examinations and called, by a return to the consciousness of the original unity, to reconcile the feminine and the masculine. Many other themes were approached through the prism of the feminine: ethics and education, tradition and modernity, veiling and unveiling.

Beyond all these developments, the delegates were particularly keen to recall the link between feminine energy and the culture of peace in action and sharing, for the benefit of humanity and a responsible and balanced society. .

All the participants, of more than twenty-five nationalities, concluded the congress by adopting the Oran Declaration , a document grouping together a series of actions to be carried out with a view to implementing a work platform on the Culture of Peace.