Humanitarian Department

The Humanitarian Department implements the solidarity action of AISA International NGO.

The Humanitarian Department implements the solidarity action of AISA International NGO. It was created in December 2021, to follow up on the various humanitarian operations that AISA International NGO carried out throughout the years 2020-2021, and to provide assistance to the most vulnerable people who are victims of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indeed, during the summer of 2021, Algeria and Benin are hard hit by the third wave of Covid-19.

Faced with the distress caused by the lack of medical means to deal with the pandemic, the members of AISA International NGO are mobilizing by participating in international solidarity .

By developing partnerships with local organizations in these two countries, AISA International NGO mobilizes its human and financial resources as well as its expertise medicine to meet the health needs of these countries.

This is how a large mobilization operation is organized, fundraising, purchase and delivery of specialized equipment such as oxygen concentrators, installation and management of this equipment in 24 cities in Algeria and to the main centers hospitals in Benin.

On the strength of this first experience, AISA International NGO decides to perpetuate its humanitarian actions within an adapted structure.

This is why today, the humanitarian department of AISA ONG proposes to reflect on the great challenges of our century : climate change and its economic and social consequences, pandemics, conflicts and displacements of populations, by prioritizing education to the culture of peace and the reconciliation of the human family.

Here is a diagram which represents the synergistic organization implemented within AISA International NGO to assist its humanitarian department.

The humanitarian action of AISA International NGO fits perfectly within the framework of its objectives which are expressed by “Promote education in a culture of peace for better living together”.

humanitarian organization diagram

To be humanitarianly committed is to act to live together in peace in a spirit of solidarity and shared fraternity.